EmoeHost Maine Customer Rewards Program

Refer a friend to EmoeHost Maine and get 10% off!

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Refer-A-Friend & Get 10% Off Your Next Hosting Renewal!

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Refer a friend to EmoeHost Maine for their web hosting needs and get 10% off your next hosting renewal!

Refer 10 friends and get 1 year of FREE hosting at your next renewal!

The fine print: Each friend must sign up for 1 year of hosting with EmoeHost Maine, for you to be eligible for the 10% renewal discount. You will receive a 10% discount for each friend you refer, that signs up for a full year of hosting with us. In order for you to receive the free hosting renewal, the 10 referrals must all take place within the same year of your hosting. For example, if your hosting renewal date is November 10, 2012, you will have one year (till your next renewal on November 10, 2013 to refer 10 friends to get your free, 1 year of hosting. All discounts will be applied on your next renewal date. At the time of your next renewal the number of referrals you made will be tallied and you will receive a discount based on how many friends you referred that signed up - from 10% for one referral up to completely free for 10 referrals!

When a friend signs up, we will send you a thank you note with your 10% discount code and your friends name listed. Save these for your records. We will also add this discount directly to your upcoming renewal invoice.